Motherhood is...

It’s tempting to get existential when you sit down and ponder motherhood. You created a life that is all the best parts of you and quite simply put; life is a miracle. I’d like to take a moment and bring us all back down to reality and describe the real essence of this experience in some simple sentences that help to sum it all up.

Motherhood is walking the line daily between nervous breakdown and best day of your life.

Motherhood is none of the glory of throwing things on the floor, but all of the manual labor of cleaning it up.

Motherhood is exactly like an episode of "Caillou", except not at all.

Motherhood begins each morning with the peaceful Canadian approach and by 7pm you have moved onto a nonsensical Twitter Trump rant.

Motherhood is stopping to standup midstream while your toddler opens the door and exposes you to the entire line at Starbucks.

Motherhood is boycotting laundry only to discover with your children naked most of the time you are the only party negatively affected by the strike.

Motherhood is 10% buying practical toddler shoes and 90% trying to locate said shoes only to recognize that they no longer fit.

Motherhood is having poison control, pizza delivery and your therapist on speed dial.

Motherhood is simply wonderful.


There is no other experience on Earth quite like being a mother. It is different with every child, every day and every breath. That sounds completely overwhelming because it is just that. But the good news, however, is that if you are ever looking for answers in parenthood, your children will always carry the answers.

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