That’s so Davis

Recently my husband and I moved our family back to his hometown of Davis, California. For those of you unfamiliar with this gem of a city, we are famous for my alma mater, UC Davis, as well as building a "Toad Tunnel" when local animal lovers were worried that wildlife would be harmed crossing a freeway overpass.

We have only been here less than a month and already I have a protective, territorial love for this town, like I have for my own children. I love it for its snobbiness about recycling and its bicycle claim to fame. I’ve immersed myself fully and committed whole-heartedly to the Davis way of life.

There have been little things:

I BYOGB (Bring Your Own Grocery Bags) everywhere.

Both my husband and I, as well as my parents have taken the girls to the farmers market, where they have danced to local bands like the bare-footed hippie children they are (barefooted with me-- socks/shoes, hats, sunscreen and hand-sanitized with my mom and Step Dad).

I just filled out a survey the city released to concerned citizens regarding the use of pesticide sprays near the parks, schools, and greenbelts.


There have been big things:

I published an article through the local paper, the Davis Enterprise, on behalf of Fit4Mom Davis.


Then there are the “that’s so Davis” things:

My car battery died (yes, we still own a car- no it's not a Prius, yet) and so I loaded my kids into the stroller and ran the 2.2 miles to my daughter's parent co-op preschool. Along the way I had FIVE people stop me to say "good morning" and tell me how beautiful my children were.

I mean, they are beautiful! (The girls enjoying the park and greenbelt behind our new house)

I mean, they are beautiful! (The girls enjoying the park and greenbelt behind our new house)

I am a part of an online group for Davis locals where people will “gift” items, their trade, or their time—it ranges from furniture, baby items, to helping someone reorganize their garage for two hours. Its mission is to encourage being “neighborly” by promoting gratitude and by expecting nothing in return. This is so Davis.

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Don't mind if I do.

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