Since motherhood is the gift that keeps on giving, I have complied a new list of #MomProblems. 

1).  Every time you check Facebook in October your friends have created elaborate family-themed costumes and you’re over here just trying to get the kids dressed in the morning.

2). There isn’t enough caffeine or sugar in the world to get you on par with your kids on a rainy day.

3). The kids fell asleep in the car for 7 minutes, so they are all set on naps until Christmas.

4). Your youngest hasn’t blown out of an outfit in 7 months so you roll the dice on leaving the house without a spare, so naturally she winds up wearing your jacket as some sort of throwback to Michael Jackson.

5). The day you need to take a nap is the first time both kids decide to forego their naps altogether.

6). Every time you try to leave anywhere your toddler insists on "driving" for at least 20 minutes.


7). Every week you play a game called how many times can you wash the kid’s sheets and somehow you're always the loser.

8). When you go to a birthday party and they put whistles in the goodie bags and your kids discover them on the car ride home before you’ve had time to burn them.

9). When you finally throw away the single baby sock after washing it for a month and the next day your toddler brings you its match.

10). Everyday your Mary Poppins' bag gets bigger and bigger and yet nothing in that bag actually belongs to you.

The good news is mom’s everywhere are nodding along together in solidarity knowing that while our children are certainly unique, our mom problems sure aren’t. 

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