Why Being an Aunt Totally Rocks (Spoiler Alert it Involves Spoiling)

One of the reasons I feel totally complete with our family of four is because we are surrounded by all of their cousins. I grew up with cousins who were more like siblings and feel blessed that my kids will get to experiences the same joy. Being a mother is wonderful but can be hard, grueling and downright terrifying but being an aunt is all of the glory and none of the pain. 

Here are just some of the reasons why being an aunt is so totally awesome. 

1). You love them, indulge them, and then hand them back.

2). You will never need to make the tough decisions like whether to circumcise, or how many popsicles in one day is considered too many. 

3). Auntie discipline involves jelly beans and kisses.

4). Babysitting is temporary whereas parenting is forever.

5). Whenever there is a blowout of any kind it is not your job to handle it. 

6). You can buy the most obnoxious drum set, light up toy, or even a puppy all in the name of spoiling. 

7). Your nieces and nephews will have you on some sort of godlike pedestal because you are the bringer of love, presents, and gum!

8). The bigger the dork you are the cooler they think you are (this only works until they turn 13). 

9). When their parents have to play the bad cop, guess who always gets to play the good?

So when my kids are older and I inevitably find myself with baby fever, I will quickly drive over to see my favorite nieces and nephews, get in some snuggles and quality head smelling time, then go back home to peacefully sleep through the night. 

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