Modern Mom

I consider myself a modern mom. What I mean is that I will use the latest and greatest of what’s available out there to my advantage to help make a seemingly impossible job, possible.

I am completely serious when I tell you that I called my husband several months ago crying real tears at the moment I discovered that Amazon Fresh (the grocery delivery service) was available for our zip code.

“I feel like I’ve just been given the gift of time,” I sobbed.

My husband, who, if you include our two dogs, lives in a house of 5 females, is well-versed in the art of the over-reaction. So much so he doesn’t even blink when Charlotte throws herself on the ground while proclaiming she is going to go live at Rowan’s because it’s time to brush the toothpaste out of her hair. Never again will you find me smelling cantaloupes in the produce aisle while my children pelt each other with grapes. 

“That’s so exciting, Love. Do they sell like fruits and vegetables and stuff?”

Yes. Literally everything from organic milk to the restoration of my sanity.


I love cooking. I am a sucker for "Top Chef" and all reality shows that make me want to lick my TV screen. However, if I’m going to spend more than 30 minutes preparing a meal for my family, I need to take out the guesswork as well as eliminate that frustrating moment when I realize I’ve left the store without a crucial ingredient. Before Blue Apron I thought "Bok Choy" was the sound you made when you had something caught in your throat. Blue Apron provides me with a healthy variety I would never even think to consider and has reestablished my love of cooking. Just the other day my husband turned to me and said, “Turns out I do like bell peppers.” I rest my case.


Ever since we moved into our new house our oldest daughter has had trouble staying in her room at night. We’ve tried everything from nightlights to musical beds. I started thinking back to my sleep troubles as a kid and remembered sometimes I just needed to check that my parents were still in the next room and not out doing anything more fun than sleeping. We have video monitors to watch our daughters in their rooms so I thought, why not put a video monitor on me and my husband (since all privacy is lost anyways once you enter the delivery room) this way she can check on us too in the middle of the night without ever leaving her bed and most importantly without ever waking us up. So far, it’s the best $62 we’ve spent to date. Plus now we are one step closer to basically filming our own reality TV show.


I am so sick of all the bad news. Sick to the point that everything leaves my body now in liquid form and I am terrified to check the headlines in the morning. I opted not to write last week because I was not up for sugar coating the state of the world or provide answers for the really tough questions because I have none. But I awoke to someone requesting a little light in this darkness and that I’m happy to provide.


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