Bring June Home

Just when you thought maybe you were beginning to materialize into a halfway-decent human being, one of your best friends tells you she is adopting a little girl from China with Down syndrome. This did not come as a surprise to me because from the moment I met Allie almost two years ago, we bonded over our shared love of being 6 feet tall, motherhood, and our passion for the special need's community. When I sat across from Allie, as she recounted their meeting with June, the light and love in her eyes was that of a mother describing her child. Our world needs more people like Allie and her husband, Rob. Their patience and love for their boys is evident within the first few moments of meeting them. Everyone talks about the importance of doing good, but here is a young couple taking action, by opening their home to a little girl that needs one. Please take a moment to read their story and if your heart compels you, donate below to bring their daughter home.