So when I have my baby, that I literally just gave birth to yesterday, taking six steps in the kitchen chasing after a long-lost orange, I can see flashes of what lies ahead of us and this is where my mommy mind goes…

Someday they will be weeping over the lead singer of the latest boy band with bad hair and a baby face and I will say he is “cute” and they’ll tell me, “Ewww Mom, you are so old”.

Someday my two teenage daughters will come to me as a united front on some “important” issues like getting a cell phone or when they will be allowed to start shaving their legs.  

Someday they will beg me for a body piercing because “Edward” at their high school said it would look “sexy” (yes my generation of moms have actually named their children after characters from Twilight #TeamJacob).

Someday they will come to me asking if they can take a year off before college to “find themselves” and backpack through Europe with their best friend because their “cool” parents already said yes.

Someday I will drop both of my children off at school and realize that this is how other people survive having 5 kids. 

Someday they will start playing a musical instrument and it’ll sound truly terrible but I’ll have to clap, cheer, and pretend they are Mozart.

Someday our entire weekend will be filled with softball or volleyball tournaments and we'll have to get some sort of sport utility vehicle just to carry all the chairs, umbrellas and enormous personalized cheering banners I'll have made with the sole purpose of embarrassing my girls. 

My sister and I are guilty of all of these and so unfortunately I know it is not a matter of if, but when. Someday these things will happen, thankfully though, someday is not today. 

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