Reasons I’m Not Rushing Potty Training (And You Can’t Make Me)

Call it laziness, stubbornness or just plain fear, but I’m just not ready and you can’t make me. I have many valid reasons to delay potty training until the toilet paper parts and I see a clear cut sign that this hellish ordeal should begin.

1). We have carpet.

2). We are always on the go (no pun intended).

3). Not only are the diapers we use Honestly adorable, but they are also free (I have the best sister and brother in-law ever).

4). I’m not sure it is humanly possible for me to do more laundry than I do right now.

5). Like all women I hate the word “panties” and I am not yet mentally prepared to say it 11 times a day.

6). Every pair of little girl underwear (see above) has some sort of Disney Princess on it and as a feminist I think it’s important to take a stand.

7). I'm not sure I'm ready to live in a world where I could find poo in unexpected places. 

8). I have yet to decide if we are a “tinkles” and “poopy” household or just the standard “pee” and “poop”. 

9). This is my most damning evidence: every time I ask Charlotte if she wants to use the potty she politely says, “No thank you.”

So for now, we are going to put a lid on it. 

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