2015: The Year of Babies

The babies are coming! 2015 is the year of the baby and frankly I cannot wait for all of them to just hurry up and get here. I have hope for the future because so many amazing people I know have chosen to create life. It lessens the blow that Kim and Kanye are also gearing up for baby #2. Motherhood is a not-so-secret club that guarantees so many things; the first of which is absolute joy and the rest include moments of panic and pillow screaming. Clearly everyone I know sees the wonder and beauty that is Charlotte and are probably thinking, Wow, that looks awesome! You are right, it totally is. My heart knows Charlotte, but I never could have predicted the incredible little personality that is emerging. Lately she has been making random grunting noises which I am desperately trying to turn into, What does the lion say?

I cannot wait to meet all these babies and watch them grow. I especially look forward to watching so many people I love become parents for the first time. Since becoming a mom, I have yet to watch a birth on TV without weeping like I’m watching A Fault in Our Stars. I will be (and have been) a blubbering mess when it’s actually someone I know. Thankfully, I’ve not been invited into any of the delivery rooms which is semi-confusing, because if having a speedy labor were an Olympic event I’d take the gold for sure. This year Charlotte will meet her cousins, BFFs, playmates and if real life was anything like Dawson’s Creek maybe even her future husband. I wish you all safe and healthy deliveries. May your elective epidurals be as strong as your beautiful babies. 

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