Toddler Logic

Welcome to the world of toddler logic. It is frustrating and confusing and then whatever your children are feeling. If your idea of a great time is arguing about trying to find the purple cup that makes the “slurpy slurpy” noise at 7am, boy is this the age group for you. I have spelled out for you a few pieces of “logic” that my two and a half year old has taught me along the way.

Toilet paper goes in the potty therefore ALL the toilet paper goes in the potty.

If at first you don’t succeed, try screaming.

It is either wonderful or terrible and can be nothing in-between.

Slide traffic can get backed up, so I’ll just have to climb up harder.

If I hold out long enough in public, somehow I can always earn a lollipop.

Because everyone is always telling me to share...

I get a band aid if I pout, point and say “boo boo” and two if the spot of my injury quickly relocates.

Once you can begin to decipher their logic everyone’s life becomes easier, except of course yours.

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