Reasons My Toddler Is Crying: The Sister Edition

There are a lot of emotions that come with having two very young children. It felt like we were just phasing out of the crying for no reason stage and then along came a baby and all kinds of new scenarios that will bring my toddler to (crocodile) tears. The majority of these involve the dreaded “s” word: sharing. I sense there will be a sequel "sister edition" in our future from Madeleine's perspective. 

1). She didn’t want her sister to sit in her high chair, but she didn’t want to sit in it either.

2). I wiped her sister’s nose and she sensed I was coming for her next. 

3). She couldn’t find her sister’s hand to hold it in the stroller.

4). I wouldn’t let her put stickers on her sister’s face.

5). I wouldn’t let her feed her sister by putting the spoon in her eye.

6). I brought her sister in her room to get her up after nap time.

7). I wouldn’t let her play peekaboo with her sister by smashing a teddy bear into her face.

8). I wouldn’t let her sit on her sister’s lap. 

9). She wanted to eat the pouch that her sister was eating, which was the same as the one in her hand.

10).  Her sister wanted to hold _________ (insert anything here).  

She didn't want her sister to smile for the picture.

She didn't want her sister to smile for the picture.

It's a tough job being a big sister, but somebody has to cry about it.

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