To my darling Charlotte on her 2nd birthday

Never could I have imagined that when they handed you to me for the first time what an amazing personality lay within you. You know your own boundaries, which let’s face it, most adults have yet to master. You are strong willed and yet incredibly loving. You quite literally dance to your own beat. You adore books, building, and all things silly. Your smile and laugh are contagious. God decided to break all the rules and give with both hands as there is no match for your beauty, besides your sister of course. 

People told me that I’d enjoy watching you and your sister together. Honestly, I wasn’t sure, because I worried I’d be too overwhelmed. Instead, every day I am overwhelmed by the love you have for each other. You’ve accepted your role as big sister head on, and at the age of 20 months, you were able to immediately find room in your heart to share your life with Madeleine. I now understand how aptly we have named you. You are indeed full of Grace.

It is an honor to be your mother, my love. 

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