Oh, Mr. Sun

I had no idea how much I missed the sun. These past two weeks in Northern California have been glorious. I may have gotten over excited because last week I purchased a splash table for Charlotte. I am aware it’s February and while I had to Google the first official day of spring (which is March 20th by the way) we are going to spend every day out on our patio that we can. If it helps I also purchased 100 phthalate free plastic balls so when it’s not being used outside it can be used in our playroom (those marketing directors at Amazon are geniuses, customers who bought blank also bought blank, it gets me every time!). Being cooped up in your house and going stir crazy has a whole new meaning when you have a toddler. The reason why they have so many Pamper commercials with baby’s thunder thighs jiggling in the golden sun while running up a hill is because kids are meant to roam!

Another thing I love about warm weather is the clothing. The only thing more fun than pulling out my maxi dresses this season is sorting and color coordinating my daughter’s very own version of 27 dresses, which are currently taunting me in her closet. I am not sure there is anything more adorable than a toddler in matching sun dress and hat, maybe attempting to pick up a puppy, but now I’m just writing the Gerber commercial for them and I’m still miffed that Charlotte wasn’t chosen as the next Gerber spokesbaby. Have you seen the baby they chose? Blonde, blue eyed one dimple little 7 month old named Grace for crying out loud. But we’re not bitter; oh we’ll have our day in the sun. 

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