Say What?

Charlotte’s first official word is “bath”. Not “Mama” or “Dada”, but “bath”. I cannot be offended though, since I’m to blame. I created a water baby by taking her to swim lessons at 2 months old. I was prepared for the screams that we heard about at our newborn care class at Kaiser, but this was never the case with Charlotte. Some of her best newborn smiling pictures are in her little baby tub just naked and happy.

Charlotte recently recovered from roseola, which sounds a lot more beautiful than it is. She got a fever and ended the virus with a little rash on her tummy. During this time she learned how to be incredibly clingy; so much so she actually forgot how to walk for a day and resorted to just flopping around on the floor like a goldfish who knows how to scream. So you can imagine my surprise when today, on a very healthy day, Charlotte started crying in the bath. Please no, not my one location of sanity. I picked her up and towel dried her off and then the water works truly began. We have been exceptional with communication lately. I can ask her, “What does the doggie say?” “How big is Charlotte?” “Where is your tongue?” And she has a response to every one. Sadly, we have yet to come up with a code phrase for, “Mom, I am pooping in the towel and it feels weird”. Smart girl! She knew better than to soil bath time. 

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