The Light Side of the Dark

I am in a post-Christmas fog that has lasted all week and resulted in some interesting developments... 

We are unbelievably blessed. Santa and all his friends went a little overboard, so now the amount of stuff in my house has started to give me anxiety. This anxiety is causing me to stress-order items on Amazon.

My youngest has something called Torticollis Left, which sounds like something I’d order at a Mexican restaurant with extra cheese. It’s not serious because we caught it early and apparently it’s mild (as opposed to spicy?) But it does involve us driving out to Sac twice a month to strengthen the muscles in her neck. So Charlotte and I are doing our part by only being entertaining on Madeleine’s left side.

Remember my blog "Why is my Toddler Crying"? How could you not, it was one of my best. Well it has turned a little less funny and a little more like I want to scream into a pillow. But here is one of my favorites from just today: I wouldn’t let her climb into the donation boxes full of stuff we are giving away (can’t make this up).

In my Stroller Strides workout group which I love (where we exercise/sing while our children hang out in their strollers) the babies have decided to rebel against us in some sort of tiny fisted mutiny. I believe I even heard one of them chanting, “You cannot sweat without our tears”. My two are, of course, leading the charge.

On any given day in motherhood there are cringe-worthy, scream-worthy, and wtf-worthy moments. It is our job to find the lighter side and never let anyone that still wears diapers defeat us! 

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