The Sister Seesaw

In between playing referee and crisis manager, I get to play my favorite role: happy observer. Hearing my kids giggle and play games with each other is every parent of two’s ultimate goal and perhaps my single biggest selling point in convincing my mommy partners in crime that having a second isn't totally insane. Having two is a perpetual seesaw of up and down where you are the midpoint; always striving for a balance.  

The first thing everyone said when I told them we were having another girl (besides “Oh is your husband disappointed?”) was they will be so close growing up! I knew this would be true because I absolutely adore my older sister, although I do have several scars from our weekly wrestling matches. But it is one thing to dream it and it is another to actually witness it.

When they said my oldest would become “Mommy’s little helper” I assumed they too were only fluent in the language of sarcasm. Aside from her regular role as official toy stealer and snack regulator, Charlotte has helped Madeleine learn to walk and is in the process of teaching her to talk. I know they love one another, but I think they are actually starting to like each other. 

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