They have me Outnumbered

Now that I have two completely mobile, completely toddler children, I feel completely outnumbered. Being the overachieving mom that I am, I signed both my girls up for a gymnastic class through the city. In the past, I’ve managed to keep Madeleine contained in the front pack, but this time I knew I’d have to bite the bullet and pay the extra $50 to have her participate too. One of the benefits of having my kids ridiculously close together means I can take advantage of classes clumped by their age groups, even if I have to get special permission. Luckily, powers of persuasion is one of my mommy super powers:

Poop goes in the potty.

No officer I wasn’t talking on my cellphone while driving, I was handing my daughter goldfish in the backseat. But aren’t they just adorable?

In all of my planning I didn’t actually think through the two of them and one of me concept until we arrived for circle time and it all went to hell in a circle shaped handbasket. Having children under the age of 3 sit for any period longer than 30 seconds requires a lollipop the size of their head or some sort of sparkly glittery disco ball which plays any music that makes adult's ears bleed. Believe it or not stretching will not hold my kids attention, especially when there is an obstacle course and trampoline directly behind where they are “sitting”. Once we actually got to play, all of the other moms were very concerned about “the baby”, the only mom not concerned was me because I know my second child can tumble with the best of them. Between Charlotte having to use the potty, Madeleine taking a spill down the trampoline and me not being able to tend to two children at once-- I was beyond thrilled when it was time for bubbles. The bubbles lured them into the same location for two whole minutes, which was just enough time to pat myself on the back and squint my eyes so the looks of sympathy could be blurred into looks of admiration. We left without any meltdowns and without having anyone say to me every mom’s least favorite phrase, “looks like you have your hands full”. They might have me outnumbered, but that just means twice the fun. 

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