You're Welcome, Mama Earth!

I try and be as much of a “crunchy” mom as I can stomach. I believe in breastfeeding and eco-friendly disposable diapers. But there are many ways as a mom that I have unconsciously began to help the planet out of sheer laziness, necessity or my version of waving my mommy white flag.  

We drive less. Not because I worry about my non-Prius carbon footprint, but because just the thought of loading and unloading my kids to and from their car seats, is enough to get to me to stay home.

We feed the wildlife. Everywhere we go, we leave a trail of goldfish crackers in our wake. Some lucky dogs, ducks and squirrels are getting to reap the benefits of my laziness and the fact that we buy in bulk from Costco.


I pick up trash. When we are out on a walk to the park, you better believe, if there is a cigarette butt on the ground it will end up in my children’s mouths. So instead of introducing them to nicotine at the ages of 3 and 1.5, I pick up garbage. All I'm missing is a stylish reflective orange vest.

Speaking of trash, every toddler I know has a love of garbage cans. Perhaps they are part raccoon, but one of my children’s first human tricks was to put items in the garbage or the recycling and to know the difference between the two. It is less impressive when they return with a rotten banana peel that they’ve retrieved out of the trash.

We re-purpose rain water into a white trash swimming pool which also doubles as a bath/ sandpit.

Since having children, I’ve never done a “half a load” of laundry. I even had to Google the term, because I assumed “half” meant throwing half of the baby clothes in with the wet towels they decided to pull into the bathtub while it was full.

So to you Mother Earth, from one Mama to another, we are doing our part to help you out.   

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