Honest Valentine's from your Toddler

With Valentine’s Day around the corner here are some honest Valentine’s your toddler would send you if they could improve their fine motor dexterity or if you allowed them access to scissors and glue (not recommended).

There’s a present in my diaper

And I’m not sure how to rhyme,

I hope you weren’t planning

To get anywhere on time.

My poop will turn green

When my tummy's not quite right,

This will only occur

When you dress me in white.

You'd better be pleased

With the kids at your door,

'Cuz we won't give you alone time

To make anymore.

My handprint on your couch is red

My footprint shall be blue,

I hope you are prepared

For my terrible twos.

If all is quiet 

But I'm as red as a rose,

It is most likely because

I've stuck a bead in my nose.

♥Happy Valentine's Day from my munchkins to yours♥

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