Honest Valentine’s from your Toddler Part 2

Valentine's Day is a holiday similar to Halloween where we as parents get to test the boundaries of our children's sugar intake. But it is a holiday of love and here's how our toddler's choose to show us their love...

When I’m on the playground

I’ll rocket down the slide,

But by the time you get there

I’ve found somewhere new to hide.

With art projects and all my toys

Your house is a perpetual mess,

Try telling me to clean before I’m done

I’ve tantrumed over much less.

My favorite food yesterday

Is now grotesque to me,

I’m sorry that you bought in bulk

But I hear money grows on trees.

If I hear a song I love

I’ll need to hear it all the time,

I’ll make sure to request it enough

To make you lose your mind.

When there is a special outfit

And every hair is in place,

I won’t let you capture it on camera

Without making a funny face.

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