The Kids are Alright

In the past few weeks I’ve had the chest cold from hell, my wisdom teeth removed and then topped it all off with food poisoning. I have been out of parenting commission this week (thanks to my amazing husband) so I've been binge watching Shameless with some scary versions of parenthood. I've had nothing but time to ponder the new year and my own personal goals for what I’m trying to achieve with this uphill battle called "Motherhood". I’m terribly flawed with too short a fuse, but I have an entire ocean of love for my girls that could never possibly run dry.

This morning I picked myself up from my food poisoning coma and took the kids to a Music Together class after Stroller Strides and I left feeling giddy with all the good mommy feels. My children were dancing with colorful scarves while 16 other kids were giggling and spinning around them to music. Next everyone picked up their pots, spoons and homemade shakers which was an effective means of exorcising any last 2016 demons that may have been still lingering in a 10 mile radius. It was a level of organized hippie chaos that I had yet to experience.

I had great plans as a stay at home mom to make sure every day we'd engage in some sort of enriching activity whether it be music or dance, sign language or gymnastic, my children would be as well rounded as the drum circles we would most definitely be a part of. Haha, my child-free self was so organized and delusional. In reality, we have done gymnastic, playgroups, Stroller Strides and park outings (to name a few) but everyday isn’t a pupu platter of prefrontal cortex development and I’ve made my peace with that. I give myself a parenting gold star if I survive the 30 minutes it takes us just to get dressed for this 30 degree morning weather. I am confident I’m helping to build the necessary neural synapses in my tiny humans whether it be with a book, a kiss, or on that rare occasion we make it to a rhythmic toddler drum circle, where baby-clothing is optional and it’s BYOD (bring your own drum). 

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