Young Love

Just when we are all losing faith in humanity, a couple of two year olds have found love. My daughters are beautiful, but Charlotte is no picnic, so I am grateful for Jack because he adores her for the little spitfire that she is. I recognize your skepticism since most kids at this age refuse to like anything that isn't Elmo or small enough to be stuck up their nose. But Jack and Charlotte are the real deal. They hold hands, ask about each other incessantly and their favorite activity is to dance the night away (or until bedtime at 6:45pm) to live music at the Farmer’s Market.

Absolutely everything about their friendship is adorable and here is a list of reasons why young love is the best:

1). Their version of relationship drama is when they are not able to sit in the swing together.

2). They only know how to dance like nobody is watching.

3). They make up pet names for each other. Jack calls her “Char Char” and Charlotte lets him.

4). They encourage each other to try new things: Charlotte introduced Jack to organic lollipops and now Jack’s mom has a bone to pick with me.

5). They hold hands when slides get too scary.

6). They have been in a love for 3 months or 1/10th of their lives, which is longer than any junior high romance which typically can only last for a series of 10 text messages.

7). Their celebrity couple name could be #Jacklotte. 

Happy birthday to Jack’s mommy, Emily, my dear friend and original inventor of those sweet dance moves.

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