The Mom I Am

In the kitchen you will find us dancing, or stirring up muffins and trouble,

I have found that having two kids brings me all the same joy; my joy is now just double.

Life is one big juggling act with a toddler and a baby that’s now on all fours;

Trying to teach a big sister what it means to share; that what is “mine” is ours.

We practice silliness on rainy days and all other days in between,

I have learned it’s best to just give up, when I’ve lost my will to clean. 

I believe in kisses before bed, at hellos, goodbyes, or frankly just whenever,

We practice hugs and high fives every day, especially if they’ve learned something clever.

Good manners are a must; however spoiling is also encouraged,

Love is demonstrated through actions not words and put downs are always discouraged.

I make no apologies for lots of pink and for dressing my girls alike,

Not that my kids are girly girls they like dirt and sand and will one day ride a bike.

We practice discipline with consistency and try our best to follow through,

But we can eat some humble pie those times we’ve been wrong too.

I don’t believe in perfection as that pedestal is far too high,

I do believe in the lighthearted, so we laugh more than we cry.

I believe this job takes balance, so we do date night and parent as a joint venture,

I always surround myself with moms who also see motherhood as life’s best adventure.

Every day is something new; I never know what we can expect to see,

But most of all, I try to be the kind of woman I want my daughters to be.


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